Walnut Canyon National Monument | 09.20.16

On our way from the Grand Canyon to Petrified Forest, we decided to stop at Walnut Canyon National Monument. I’d never heard of this place and didn’t have much of an idea what to expect, but I knew it had ruins so I wanted to stop there for Brady! And I’ll be honest… it blew my mind. Perhaps it was because it was nearly deserted due to the rain, or maybe it was because I had no expectations going in, but it was honestly one of the coolest parts of our trip. Almost everywhere you looked there was a cliff dwelling!

The drive through the area north of Flagstaff was positively dreamy in all of the mist and rain!


These dwellings were in excellent condition, and it was so fun to be able to get up close and personal with them.


I’m weird, but I go crazy over original wood beams from hundreds of years ago.


There are nearly a dozen dwellings just in this photo… can you spot them all?
Discussing how you can see that a huge chunk of rock fell right above where Brady is standing, after the dwelling was built (since the smoke residue comes to an abrupt end).

Walnut Pan 1

Walnut Pan 2
Panoramic views for days.


Walnut Canyon was such an absolutely beyond pleasant surprise. We were grateful we had jackets to keep out the rain and a warm car to get into afterwards, but even without those it would’ve been worth it!

After Walnut Canyon we’d decided to stop at “Standin’ on the Corner Park” in Winslow Arizona… because we’re both huge classic rock fans, and it was on the way, so why not? …I’ll tell you why not. I’m not one to be negative about a place because it’s not “exciting,” but let’s just say there’s not really anything in Winslow Arizona that I would describe as a “fine sight to see.” Although perhaps that’s why the girl in the flatbed Ford was so appealing? I’ll never know, but wow is Winslow a place I’ll never go on purpose again. It was a good check for the bucket list, but most of the town consisted of abandoned buildings in serious disrepair, and it was pretty sad. I guess the bar across the street playing what seemed to be non-stop Eagles wasn’t so bad… 😉 We were happy to get back on the open road to head to Petrified Forest, though!


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