#ERT_2015 Day 8 – Whistler to North Cascades – 08.03.15

This morning started off pretty leisurely, and the only bad thing that happened was that I lost my favorite hairbrush. šŸ˜¦ First world problems, I know. Anyway, we also had a bit of a tough time finding where we were supposed to go for our TreeTrek, which was put on by ZipTrek EcoTours. Side note: they don’t have a building in the main Whistler area. It’s just an outdoor tent setup. So that was a bit confusing, as we were searching for a store. Finding a place to park was a bit tricky as well, but we worked it out.
Once we got everything all sorted out, we got in the van and headed for the TreeTrek. (Side note – this was the first and I think possibly only time I wore close-toed shoes the entire trip, and it’s only because I had to. Hahahaha. #ChacoNation for the win.)
The TreeTrek was AMAZING. We had an awesome guide, and we learned a lot (mostly about how Canada is basically the coolest). It was really cool to be up high in the trees. Next time I’m definitely setting aside the time and the money for a zipline tour though!

Whistler is mountain biking HEAVEN. Seriously. I’ve never seen so many in one place in my life!


There are plaques all along the route to learn about various things.
Treetop Tree Pose with horrible form (blame my bad joints…)

IMG_6770IMG_7219 - IMG_7220

IMG_7253 - IMG_7257
The treehouse of my dreams.


After the tour, we had lunch (and Brady and I visited the big Salomon store in the heart of Whistler, that was cool), and headed to Shannon Falls. What I didn’t know is that August 3rd is Civic Holiday in Canada… which meant it was insanely packed EVERYWHERE. (Fun fact- winters are so long and cold and dark in Canada that the government has federally mandated three-day weekends once a month for the whole summer. Coolest thing ever, right? Canada is a pretty amazing country.) Trying to find a place to park at Shannon Falls was a complete joke. So we rotated through people sitting with the cars while others went to go look at the falls. I won’t lie, I’m pretty bummed that it didn’t work out very well.


Lest ye be fooled that I was lying about the crowds…
Maybe it’s dumb to post this on our blog, but I found this pretty cool, since we visited all three of these waterfalls!

Our next stop, Porteau Cove Provincial Park, was much the same. We just ended up parking illegally to enjoy a bit of time there, hahaha. Just a littleĀ bonus of road tripping in a car instead of a huge RV, I suppose! We weren’t the first, and we certainly weren’t the last.

This gal had it figured out!!


Our friends are crazy goons, but we love them.


After that, we headed off to cross the border and head to North Cascades.

Cool bridge in Vancouver!


I’ll be honest, after being in Canada where they are incredibly conscientious about their natural resource, it was a little tough to return to the United States and immediately see huge logging scars. I understand it’s a “necessary evil” and it’s ultimately a renewable resource, but it was still a bit sad to see such a stark contrast.


NoCa Group
This was the coolest national park sign we’ve ever seen! It’s still Brady’s and my favorite. Will was grumpy because we wouldn’t let him sit on top of it for the photo, hahaha.

We checked into our site at Newhalem Campground, which ended up being my favorite campground of the whole trip. It was so dreamy and foresty and wonderful. Our campsite in particular was A++. I want to go back just to stay in that campground again!


Goof nugget alert!
Craziest goons.



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