#ERT_2015 Day 7 – Revelstoke to Whistler – 08.02.15

We started out our morning with our first “big” grocery stop, at the Walmart in Salmon Arm. It was a little strange to be in a Walmart but not find the things you’d find at the Walmart at home in Utah. I’ll be honest though, we bought and drank a ton of Five Alive. One of the best things about Canada, in my opinion! Hahaha. After our little grocery excursion, we headed to explore Margaret Falls at Herald Provincial Park.

Right in the middle of that sunlit section there’s a cave! I had originally intended to try and go in, but changed my mind when I found out how freaking cold the water is! Haha.


After that, we headed on our way to Whistler. We had a little less than a 5 hour drive before we arrived at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. A lot of this part of British Columbia looks totally like Utah! We had another really beautiful (and exciting) scenic drive on the Duffey Lake Road, just past Lillooet. When we got to Joffre Lakes, we only had time for the short little hike to the lowest lake before we had to head to our next stop. (This was mostly a ‘leg-stretching’ stop.)


We decided to call the color of my shirt “glacial lake blue.”


After Joffre Lakes, we had about a half hour drive to Nairn Falls Provincial Park. We had originally planned to camp there, but that campground filled up MINDBLOWINGLY fast. Like, I can’t even describe to you how quickly that campground filled up! The hike to the falls was really pretty, and it is definitely a place I’d like to go back and spend some serious time exploring and enjoying.

20150802_184723IMG_7084 - IMG_7089

Neeeeaarrr…. farrrrrr… wherEVER you aaarrrre….

20150802_19021920150802_19355820150802_193636Nairn Falls River20150802_19380920150802_194102IMG_7073
After dinner and exploring at Nairn Falls, we headed off to our campground in Whistler. We stayed at the Whistler RV park, and let me tell you what, those sites are PACKED in there! It was actually a humongous nightmare to try and get the car out of our campsite. (Monday morning we literally just drove through our other campsite, haha.) Apparently I hadn’t realized that it was Wanderlust at Whistler (a huuuuuuge yoga festival) that weekend, so there were tons of people everywhere. I would totally stay there again, but with an RV. Trying to pound tent stakes into gravel is not my favorite thing on the planet. lol.

Our tent, and the provided picnic table, covered literally the entirety of the usable area of the campsite. It was tiny.

Once we got camp set up, a few of us headed to Brandywine Falls, which was less than a kilometer from our campground. The falls were really cool, but my favorite part was the expansive view of the Black Tusk just a little farther down the trail. We got there right after sunset and the colors of the sky were beautiful!


Black Tusk
Just look at that perfect beautiful lighting.

After that, it was back to camp to hit the hay to prepare for our exciting day at Whistler the next day!

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