#ERT_2015 Day 12 – Oregon Coast – 08.07.15

Our first stop this morning was Cannon Beach. If you’ve ever seen the Goonies, you’ll recognize it.

The wind must really rip through this place!


Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. I’m a sun worshipper. I spent our whole time on the beach just lying on that blanket. It was glorious.


Nothing like a boy and his dog on a walk on the beach.
Those bikes looked SUPER FUN. Definitely renting when we go back.


Ally found this cool dead crab at the tidepools. He was pretty big! They left him for other people to enjoy and experience.

After enjoying a decent portion of the morning on the beach or tidepooling, we headed down to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour and some lunch! It was cool to see the huge blocks of cheese, try samples, and have a cheeseburger with fresh cheese on it – YUM.


Will’s face is why we didn’t let Ally drive on this trip, hahaha.

After lunch, we headed down the coast to the Devil’s Punchbowl. The tide was pretty low, so it wasn’t cool as I had hoped, but it provided a good potty break and another chance to enjoy some fresh ocean air.

After that, it was off to Thor’s Well, which was actually one of the coolest things we saw the whole trip! There was some great tidepooling there as well, but pictures just can’t capture it! It’s almost like this big gash in the coast breathes- it fills and empties over and over and over. It is absolutely mesmerizing.


Daughter of Poseidon, Queen of the Sea?


SOMEBODY got himself soaked by a wave…

After that, we headed to the sand dunes to play. Oh my goodness. If you ever take a trip to Oregon, you MUST find a way to visit the sand dunes! You have to! It was legitimately one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. I could easily spend an entire day there just playing and being goofy. There’s something about sand dunes that brings out your inner child. We spent at least an hour there and could have easily spent more!


Climbing up that dune was HARD.


Brady: “Oh, look, my wife is climbing something. What a surprise.”
I know it doesn’t look it, but that tree was actually pretty high. I was a little too chicken to climb to the highest branch (even though I’m sure I would’ve been fine if I had). It may have also had something to do with Brady standing underneath saying “be careful….” Haha.


Jen: “Oh look, my husband is digging a hole. What a surprise.”


After a fun time at the sand dunes, we headed down to Sunset Bay State Park to camp. State parks in Oregon are the bomb deezy, seriously. I definitely would camp at Sunset Bay again!


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